Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment™




The U.S. Retirement System is in transition.  Corporate pensions are nearly extinct while Social Security and other entitlements threaten to break the federal bank.  Millions of boomers are ill prepared and overconfident.  If Americans think the money salvaged from the retirement savings meltdown caused by the recent financial crisis is theirs to keep, they had better think again! Find out the real situation of the US retirement system as bestselling author DaRayl D. Davis reveals the Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment™.


Retirement is a significant stage that impacts every area of one’s life. But with the present decline in home values, sub-prime credit market fall out, and economic recession, how can one financially prepare for retirement? Through his comprehensive guide, Davis introduces readers to the New Retirement Environment™ and provides tips on how to maximize unprecedented economic opportunities.


Between the covers are enlightening discussions that will teach people how to:


Shield your retirement savings from the onslaught of higher taxes


• Avoid costly mistakes that will devour your retirement funds


• Fully enjoy the retirement that you dream of on your own terms


• Take full advantage of the many favorable benefits that new tax legislation (and some old) affords you


• Pass the money that you don’t spend tax efficiently to heirs and leave huge amounts to charity (establish your legacy)


• Design an estate plan that will avoid unnecessary taxes, lawyers, courts and the probate system


• Avoid being the victim of the next big financial crisis, and much more


Filled with practical and insightful nuggets of wisdom sprinkled with humor, this bestselling book allows Americans to view complex economic issues through a simplified lens to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the New Retirement Environment™.


With Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment™, readers will know how the broken retirement system will affect everyone. Once the secrets are revealed, readers will be shown the best ways to build, protect and fully enjoy their wealth as well as how to pass their hard-earned assets to their heirs with minimum erosion and taxation.